About Us

Born and raised in Roccascalegna, in the Abruzzo region of central Italy, a medieval little town of 1500 people, on the Adriatic coast, where everyone knows each other.
Two guys with a love for family, wholesome food, and traditions, Antonello and Alessandro, cousins from a big family, spent most of their childhood running around the "Barone farm" which is surrounded by flowery fields of olive trees, dry soil tomato plants and all other kinds of vegetables.

Antonello developed a passion for cooking by learning the traditional Italian ways from his nonna (grandmother). Through his years of training, he formed an understanding of the proper tastes and aromas of food. He believes that food should be simple, made with fresh ingredients, and lots of love. It is from these 3 basic principles, that Antonello's motto of 'Old School Never Dies' originates from. 

Alessandro spent most of his childhood on the farm with his nonno (grandfather) learning about agriculture. His nonno taught him all his secrets to proper traditional farming techniques in order to have a bountiful harvest. Alessandro, with his ambitious and energetic personality, was keen to learn all there is to know about the harmony that exists between the land, climate and love required to create naturally delicious products from the earth. 

After some time living in Canada, both cousins realized that they we're missing the traditions of home. This started the idea for La Sinfonia Del Gusto. Their expertise both in cooking and agriculture form a good combination to understand what it takes to make a good product from A-Z. Antonello and Alessandro are now dedicated to finding the best products, and are humbled to introduce food from the "Barone Farm", surrounding Abruzzo territory and other Italian regions to Canadian tables. 

Hope you enjoy the symphony of flavours that they grew up on.