"Barone"s Farm



The little village is situated in the heart of Abruzzo region, between the majestically Majella Mountain and cobalt Adriatic Sea which both donate fresh air as well as a gorgeous view. “Il Barone” farm where the 2 Duders has spent most of their childhood, is situated to the Slopes of the medieval castle located in the city centre, and it flanks the narrow “Rio Secco” river that supplies water during dry summer periods to our plants.


Our natural grown tomatoes get picked up to the end of October, less juicy compare to the summer picking but with the same freshness.


Roccascalegna's castle: one of the wonder with a medioeval legend.
At the beginning of 1600 the Baron “CORVO” got the throne, to them belong the “hand’s blood”. Annibale Corvo (known as “Corvo de Corvis”, in Italian language Corvo=Crow, because he used to keep a Crow at the door entrance, and if the bird croaked, it was not allowed to enter in the castle). He brought back the law of “jus primae noctis” (the right of first night): any woman the got married in Roccascalegna, had to spend the first night of wedding  with the Baron. The only alternative to avoid that was to pay a very expensive duty, quite impossible to be paid by poor inhabitants because most of them were farmers. The legend says that “Corvo de Corvis” was killed by a man that dressed up as woman and stabbed him in the marriage bad while they were having sex, then throwing him down to the cliff. So before he fell down to the cliff, he touched the stone with his bloody hand. Also the legend says that after anytime the mark was canceled, it would have reappeared by itself.