Balsamic Vinegar 100 ml 8 years old

Balsamic Vinegar 100 ml 8 years old

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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia aged for over 8 years.

It’s preferably used raw, for its soft and sweet taste. It has an intense, balanced aroma, with a persistent, rich and opaque tendency, slightly acidic aftertaste. After tasting, a sweet and clean taste sensation remains.

The Ancient Bittersweet Seasoning Land of the Thunder “8” is to be preferred on first courses, soufflés and risottos with delicate flavors. It can be used for lightly cooked gravies. It’s excellent in mayonnaise and sauces for boiled or fish, on vegetable omelettes.
It is a perfect match on summer appetizers and grilled white meat.

Born as a digestive to be taken to glasses at the end of the meal, it has found fortune and use in the menus of the great international chefs from appetizers to desserts. 

Ageing: traditional type, with annual decanting in small barrels of different precious woods

Colour: black, with very intense amber reflections.

Ingredients: cooked grape must 100% Italian and Natural. Does not contain any preservatives, caramels or sugar.