Tris di Tartufo (Truffle 3 Pack)

Tris di Tartufo (Truffle 3 Pack)

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The truffle is shaved and preserved in olive oil. This can be placed on top of cheese, bread, pasta or eggs to provide a finishing touch.

Ingredients: Black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.), olive oil, salt, truffle flavor.

This is purely Mediterranean sea salt with grated abruzzo black truffle. No aromas or infusions. Use as a finishing salt on top of any dish that you want to kick up a notch. Sprinkle on eggs, avocado toast, pasta, risotto, fish, and meat.

Ingredients: Sea salt 94.8%, summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) 4%, truffle aroma.

The honey is produced by local farmers and is then infused with a touch of truffle. The best use of this honey is to drizzle on top of cheeses and meats.

Ingredients: Acacia honey, truffle flavor.